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 "How We Are Building Wealth  and Helping Others To Do The Same With Cryptocurrency"

Who we are


We are a Cryptocurrency investing and trading community with a goal to build helping people build generational wealth with digital assets

Our Crypto community includes the necessary tools, coaching, and educational resources to thoroughly learn how to trade and invest in Crypto for both short and long term.

We provide daily signals based on technical and fundamental analysis. Our mission is to develop you into a skilled self-sufficient trader and investor.


24/7 Lifetime Access. Work At Your Own Pace.


Introducing Crypto Wealth Course

Crypto Wealth Course teaches you everything you need to know about crypto, and how to build your crypto portfolio from scratch for short or long-term wealth.


It doesn't matter if you do not have any tech skills or any previous knowledge about cryptocurrency. Everything you need to know is provided step-by-step in this training program.

My EXACT Strategies

In this complete course, I teach my EXACT strategies for starting your crypto journey and show you how I started investing in crypto to building a great portfolio worth thousands of dollars in less than a year.


I hold nothing back as I show you the secret of successful crypto enthusiast, tips, and strategies for becoming profitable.



One year mentorship program

  • The Complete 18 Modules of Crypto Wealth Course

  • Daily crypto signals on what to buy and when to sell

  •  Access to Crypto Wealth Squad community

  • Access to our exclusive zoom meetings 

  • Breaking news and updates in the crypto market

  • Periodic notifications on new cryptos to buy with great profit potential

  •  Futures trading using little capital to maximize profit

  • Portfolio strategy sessions 

See What Existing Crypto Wealth Members Have To Say...

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This is not your typical "course". We provide you with everything you need to be successful

When You Join The Crypto Wealth Squad, You

Get Full & Immediate Access To Our 18 Course Module:


What You Need to Know About Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin

  • Why every investor wants a piece of Bitcoin

  • The best time to be in crypto

  • Altcoins- the next boom in crypto

Building Long Term Wealth With Crypto

  • Picking the right coins with long term potential

  • Analyzing the trend of a coin for future gains


Win Daily Trading Cryptocurrencies 

  • Know precisely when to get in a trade

  • Cashout profits by trading less than 2-4 hours per day

  • Exit a trade before the bears come in

How To Make Fast Money In Crypto 

  • How to benefit from market news

  • Making massive gains before the price dips


Top 10 Cryptos You Should Have In Your Portfolio

  • Crypto projects that are guaranteed to succeed 

  • Proven coins that have massive potential for gains

Avoid Losing All Your Money in Crypto

  • Avoid mistakes that 80% of crypto novice make

  • The best strategy not to lose in crypto

  • The winning formula to succeed in crypto


How To Find Winning Coins

  • Shortcut to bypassing 15,000+ crypto coins to find winning coins

  • What to look out for in a winning coin

The Top 5 Criteria Before Investing In Any Crypto

  • How to properly analyze a crypto project

  • Mistakes to avoid before you buy a coin

  • What every crypto project need to have before you invest



Instant access to daily signals in our community 


More Testimonials

"I have made stupendous wealth in the crypto space since l came under the mentorship of coach Dipo. He is just an amazing man who is always ready to help. My personal money which l have moved all into crypto, my portfolio has grown tremendously now considering the recent rally in crypto space. l also bought the ebook (containing the top 50 crypto), which gave me the opportunity to do it myself and guide me on the coin to buy either for long or short term without consulting Dipo every time .Thanks so much coach Dipo for having a heart to help. l wanted to give you prophet offering, but you refuse it (smiles).This is really the greatest wealth transfer in history like you have always said."

-Wole Dawodu


"I am a 15 year old boy who signed up for this class and I’ve learned so many things from his interactive zoom lessons and pre recorded modules. I bought a crypto Dipo suggested to us and within 2 days my money doubled. There’s even a WhatsApp group where we learn together by discussing new cryptos and sharing our experiences with them. This course is by far the greatest investment I’ve made so I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who is interested in learning about cryptocurrencies , how they work, or how best to make profit using cryptos  from the comfort of your bed.!!"

-Junior Adesina


"I'm so grateful for Dipo's course!! I've learned, earned, and was able to apply the information and increase my finances in such a short time. Dipo is EXTREMELY knowledgeable!! I would've paid more for this course!! Dipo is GOD sent!!! Crypto GURU!!! Such A GREAT course!!"

-Patrice Prayer


I came into the cryptocurrency world knowing very little about it. After watching videos and live streams from Mr. Dipo and other YouTube and Facebook influencers I knew it was time to make a move to better my financial future. I came across one of Mr. Dipo videos that moved me to purchase his cryptocurrency course. I honestly feel purchasing his course was the best thing I have ever done in my life. Its a wonderful feeling to know that I am one of his students simply because he is there to walk and talk his students through it all. Following his step by step on how to go about buying cryptocurrencies and which ones to buy is a game changer (All cryptocurrencies aren't created equal). Just by following his lead and instructions, I am a recipient of earning profits from the cryptocurrencies Mr. Dipo informed his students about.  With that being said, Mr. Dipo I am truly grateful for you and the knowledge you have shared with us. Keep up the great work. You are appreciated!!!

-Gwen Armstrong


Two months ago I had limited knowledge and zero money invested in cryptocurrency.  Dipo's Crypto Wealth course and continued mentorship has helped me gain an understanding of crypto terminology and has provided me the knowledge needed to research, buy, hold, and trade cryptocurrency.  I have seen a 43% return on investment since I first started buying coins 4 weeks ago.  I highly recommend this course to anyone new to investing in cryptocurrency!

- Mary Rafter


Get this straight, friends; if there is someone you need in your corner, who would mentor you on crypto, it is Dipo Adesina. Through his guidance, I have seen about 300% ROI on my investment in just about 3 months.

Unbelievable? It happened to me. It can happen to you too, if you do what I did.


- Taiwo Fagbuyi


"I enrolled in a coaching class with the instructor of CRYPTO WEALTH, Dipo Adesina, and needless to say that it was the best decision I had made in a long time. I invested in recommended coin for a long term. It started to do better than I had expected. Within a period of of 4 months, I made double the amount of initial investment. I reinvested it in other coins. Thanks to my wonderful instructor. You need to take this class to be able to navigate your way around crypto currency.  It is an investment you will never regret. I appreciate you, Mr. Dipo."

-Sam Alfa



 $1,497 TODAY


Is this for beginners or experts?

Crypto Wealth Program is for everyone interested in learning about how to make money from cryptocurrency. This is a complete roadmap to take beginners all the way to building their crypto portfolio and just as much content for the veterans to grow their portfolio.

What if I have questions or problems?

You'll have access to a private WhatsApp group where I'll be answering questions as well as other students. We're here for your success, so any possible issue or roadblock will be addressed ASAP.

When will I start making money? 

It depends on you. It's possible to start making money within a week after joining., but it's also possible you'll make nothing. Just because you have this information, I cannot guarantee you'll take action on it.

Does this work if I'm not in the US?

Yes! It doesn't matter where you're from. As long as you have an internet connection and access to a smart phone, you'll be able to do the methods I teach in the program.

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Legal & Disclaimers

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This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way.

This group “Crypto Wealth Squad” is for educational and entertainment purposes. We do not force ANY investments or trades and you are to use your own due diligence when investing/trading. Results are not guaranteed. Past experiences are not indicative of future results. Always invest/trade with an amount that you are comfortable with losing and that will NOT jeopardize yours or someone else’s financial well-being. “Crypto Wealth Squad” is not a financial or investment firm and all “signals” are to be used knowing they may or may not be accurate


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