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How Poor People Think

Being poor is not only lacking financial resources, but a state of mind, how you think. A person who lacks financial resources today, but cultivates the habit of thinking wealthy thoughts will eventually have no other option than to become successful. "How Poor People Think" elaborates on some of the thoughts and belief system that poor people have believed to be the truth, and as a result it has become their reality. The first goal to creating wealth is to change the way you think, and when you change the way you think, everything else changes.

21 Habits of Highly Broke People

Being broke does not just happen by accident. It is a direct result of bad choices made overtime. These choices eventually turned into habits that masters you. Like a thermostat, once these habits are set, it becomes nearly impossible to break them without deliberate and intentional effort. 21 Habits of Highly Broke People will dive into details on the habits that keeps people poor and practical action steps you can take to break free from these habits.


21 Habits of Highly Broke People shows you:

  1. How your choices about money is keeping you broke.

  2. What the rich do differently from the poor.

  3. How to break bad habits and replace them with positive habits.

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Side Gig Money

There are many profitable ways to earn monеу outside of working a typical 9 - 5 job. Having multiple streams of іnсоmе is something that you must strive for if your goal is financial freedom. Majority of the opportunities listed in this book might not be for you, but the two or three that you decide to act on could generate an extra $2,000 - $3,000 on a monthly basis.


One of the most important subjects that every child must learn about is money. An average person spends roughly 16 years in school learning different subjects without ever learning   about money. Yet most people spend their entire life working for money.


The reason is simple, schools are not designed to teach students about wealth and success.  No matter how smart a child may be and how well they excel in school, if they do not understand the basic principles of wealth, they can never attain financial freedom  when they get older. The world is filled with many highly educated people with multiple degrees, but because they never learned or studied the subject of money they end up broke and live paycheck to paycheck.

This book is smart guide to give young people practical insight on how to build the right foundation to create wealth, and for parents to use as a guide to teach their children financial principles they will not learn in school.

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The most important thing about investing in cryptocurrency is finding coins with utility value and backed by a strong community. Out of the 8,613 cryptocurrencies, this list consists of some of the most promising cryptocurrency projects that can help in building significant wealth in the long term.

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